Comfort In The Word - Our Christian baby quilts with God's word

All Comfort in The Word quilts are made with 100% cotton,
are hypoallergenic, and are machine washable
Beautifully embroidered with scriptures from the Bible

Baby Quilt

For Boys

For Girls

The Quilts

This is one of the most important verses on the quilt.
All scripture is important, yet this particular verse says so much. At our low affordable price, anyone can now own their little piece of heaven.


Great!. Lets talk about how you can get our beautiful quilts for sale in your store today. If you have not done so already, create a free account here on the Comfort in the Word website.

"With God all things are possible"
- Mathew 19:26


To us, everyone who sees our quilts, whether a mom, neighbor, or just a passerby, will have the opportunity to experience God’s Word. How wonderful it will be, wrapping your most precious gift, your child, in the comfort of God’s word. The word is like a seed and The Holy Spirit will help it grow when the time is right.

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