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The purpose of our website is to make available a unique, beautiful quilt, embroidered with
scripture from the Bible. It immediately gives everyone peace and comfort- from newborns to

The unique thing about our quilt is the embroidered scripture, which sets it apart from all
others. Scripture is the foundation of life and scripture in our mind is living. God has given us
the ability to do tremendous things with it. In the Christian faith we believe Jesus Christ is the
Son of God and fulfillment of the Word, and is actually the Word. When you are afraid and need
comfort, and have the Word of God with you, you actually have Jesus with you as well!

To us, everyone who sees our quilts, whether a mom, neighbor, or just a passerby, will have
the opportunity to experience God’s Word. How wonderful it will be, wrapping your most
precious gift, your child, in the comfort of God’s word. The word is like a seed and The Holy
Spirit will help it grow when the time is right. The ripple effect cannot be measured- it has no
time limit.

“With God all things are possible” – Matthew 19:26. This is one of  the most important verses on
the quilt.  All scripture is important, yet this particular verse says so much.

At our price, almost everyone will have their own little piece of heaven. To us, whether we sell
one or a million quilts, hopefully the person who owns it will receive something more than just
a quilt---Comfort in the Word!


Comfort In The Word Inc
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Toll Free:1.866.578.4587
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